Deep Learning

Guanghan Ning, Zhi Zhang, Zhihai He
Knowledge-Guided Deep Fractal Neural Networks for Human Pose Estimation
Graduate Research Project
[Project Page] [Paper] [Github]
Guanghan Ning
ROLO: Recurrent YOLO for Object Tracking
Graduate Research Project
[Project Page] [Arxiv] [Github]
Guanghan Ning
Applications of Real-time Object Detection and Recognition with YOLO
Graduate Research Project
[Project Page] [Github] [Windows Version] [Windows Version Doc]
[Post: Training with our own classes] [Post: CPU Speedup]
Guanghan Ning, Zhi Zhang
A Server for Object Detection, Violence Detection, and Scene Classification in Images with CNN and fast R-CNN
Graduate Research Project
[Project Page] [Python Scripts] [Violence Model] [Objects Model] [Scene Model]

3rd Party Resources: [Framework: Flask] [Caffe] [fast R-CNN]
Guanghan Ning
Scene Classification in Images with CNN-SVM
Graduate Research Project
[Project Page] [Caffe deploy] [Caffe train] [model] [Python Scripts]

Computer Vision

Guanghan Ning, Zhi Zhang
Visual Object Search: Retrieving Region of Interest from the Database with Unconstrained Query Image
Graduate Research Project
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[demo 1] [demo 2] [code]
[Database Images] [Query Images]
Guanghan Ning, Tony X. Han, Zhihai He
Scene Text Detection Based on Component-Level Fusion and Region-Level Verification.
Image Processing (ICIP), 2015 IEEE International Conference on
[Project Page] [PDF] [Slides] [Matlab code]
Guanghan Ning
3-D deformable-model-based Localization and Recognition of Road Vehicles with License Plate Detection and Character Recognition
Graduate Research Project
[Project Report] [code] [Documentation]
Guanghan Ning
Vehicle License Plate Detection And Recognition.
MS Thesis in ECE, University of Missouri, 2013
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[training code] [testing code] [DATA]
Guanghan Ning
Camera Calibration and Distance Measurement
A collaborative research project to NSF:
[Project Page] [Software]
[Test Report] [User Manual] [DATA]
[Source Code: Calibration] [Source Code: Measurement]

Computer Graphics

Guanghan Ning
Mizzou Fighting Arena.
Best Project Award in Computer Graphics (CS7610), Spring 2014
[Project Page] [Award Page]
Guanghan Ning, Lingshuang Wu
WIFI-based Android Multiplayer Game: Plane Chess
Undergraduate Research Project
[Paper] [APK Client] [APK Server] [User Manual]


Guanghan Ning, Chen Huang
Shot Boundary and Camera Take Detection
Intern Project
[Documentation] [Development Log] [JAVA code not open source]
Guanghan Ning
Large-Scale Multi-media Retrieval: Image Part
Intern Project
[Project Page] [FeatureExtraction_C++] [DynamicLibrary_C++] [MatrixEncoder_C++]
[FeatureExtractionExecutable] [JNI] [JAVA code not open source]

Other Projects

Guanghan Ning
Real Time Embedded Computing: A distributed LPD system
Course Project
[Documentation-ComputerVision] [Documentation-EmbeddedComputing]
[Slides] [Code]
Guanghan Ning, Trung Nguyen
Big Data Analytics: A Nutch-based Search Engine
Course Project
[Project Proposal] [Documentation] [Slides]