Mizzou Fighting Arena

Mizzou Fighting Arena is my final project for Computer Graphics (CS7610), a course taught by Dr. Duan Ye in Spring 2014.

In this project, we developed a 2.5D fighting game based on a universal fighting engine using Unity3D. With the further help of some other tools, including 123D Catch, Maya, and motionBuilder, we have modeled Mizzou Six Stones as the fighting stage, built some animation for character moves, and designed everything for the characters and their moves.

Here is a demo video of this game: Mizzou Fighting Arena Demo Video

Below is the overview of our work.

The Modeling Part:

1. Build a preliminary model using Autodesk 123D Catch
Fig 1.1 Preliminary Model for the Character
Fig.1.2. Preliminary Model for the stage

2. Further modify the model using Maya.
Fig 2.1 The further modeling of the character
Fig 2.2 Separate body parts and build the structure
Fig 2.3 The further modeling of the Stage.
Fig 2.4 The further modeling of the Stage.

The Animation Part:

1. Use MotionBuilder to do animations for the characters. Assign meshes to bones, and a rig will be created accordingly.

2. Rig Created.

3. Create Animations with the rig by positioning it for each key frame. We can create multiple animations for one character.
Create animations

The Game Part:

The Universal Fighting Engine (U.F.E.) is is a tool designed to help indie developers and small companies to make their own 2.5D/3D fighting game using a full open source framework and easy to use visual editors. Their website is: