TCL Patents

Haohong Wang, Xiaobo Ren, Wenqiang Bo, Guanghan Ning, Lifan Guo
Experience-Aware Anomaly Processing System
July 2016, US Patent App. 15/231,492
Guanghan Ning, Haohong Wang, Xiaobo Ren
Method and system for optimized wake-up strategy via sleeping stage prediction with recurrent neural networks
May 2016, US Patent App. 15/248,639
Guanghan Ning, Haohong Wang, Wenqiang Bo, Xiaobo Ren
Method and system for vision-centric deep-learning-based road situation analysis
Mar 2016, US Patent 9,760,806
Zhi Zhang, Guanghan Ning, Haohong Wang
Mobile Search-Ready Smart Display Technology Utilizing Optimized Content Fingerprint Coding and Delivery
Dec 2015, US Patent 9,807,453
Guanghan Ning, Zhi Zhang, Haohong Wang
Method And System For Content Retrieval Based On Rate-Coverage Optimization.
Sep 2015, US Patent 14/835,004