TCL Patents

Haohong Wang, Xiaobo Ren, Wenqiang Bo, Guanghan Ning, Lifan Guo
Experience-Aware Anomaly Processing System
July 2016
Guanghan Ning, Haohong Wang, Xiaobo Ren
Optimized Wake-up Strategy via Sleeping Stage Prediction with Recurrent Neural Networks
May 2016
Guanghan Ning, Haohong Wang, Wenqiang Bo, Xiaobo Ren
Deep Learning-Based Road Situation Analysis
Mar 2016
Zhi Zhang, Guanghan Ning, Haohong Wang
Mobile Search-Ready Smart Display Technology Utilizing Optimized Content Fingerprint Coding and Delivery
00155.0057.00US, Dec 2015
Guanghan Ning, Zhi Zhang, Haohong Wang
Method And System For Content Retrieval Based On Rate-Coverage Optimization.
00155.0048.00US, Sep 2015