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Some Resouces for Startups That You Should Know (Technique Aspect)

Successful entrepreneurs manage resources and his own time wisely. In order to help whoever wants to found a startup, I am sharing with you tools to build your product more efficiently. 
If you want to build a website, what do you do? One inexpensive solution is to be a Lamper. That is, you use 【Linux + Apache + Mysql/MariaDB + Perl/PHP/Python】as your tool, which are free and opensource. 
However, It takes time to be an expert. And time is money. We sometimes only want to stand on the shoulder of the former.
Then I recommend this bundle: 【Godaddy or whatever gives you a domain + cPanel + wordpress/joomla/drupal】
It is still flexible, but much easier to start with. You only need to get a domain name, use cPanel to take care of everything, front-end and back-end. A content management system plus some of your own code, you are good to go, for a descent and functional website.(For those who does not even bother to rent a server, and if you want a website for e-commerce, for instance, you can try, where flexibility is further traded for convenience)
Just like the above example, I am writing this article to share with you some resources, which may speed up the process of the development of a product. I wish you success with minimum repetitive work.

1. Before Development:
For some technical skills, if necessary, we need to study them. Here are some websites where we can learn these skills, which includes programming languages and tools such as Objective-C, Swift, PHP and JQuery.
Websites in English
Websites in Chinese       
2. Development:
2.1 APP:
If you have an idea and the design, and you hate programming, then you could use the following tools. 
【Websites in English】


【Websites in Chinese】
app Park
9秒 (mobile app dev engine, cross-platform)
2.2 Games:
【Game Engine】
Unreal (free):
unity3D (multi-platform release):
2.3. Baas
If you are not using the service suggested above, you can do the programing yourself, which is more flexible. But if you deal with the backend all by yourself, it might be painful.
Baas has switched the focus of fulfilling reliable backend into the product itself. Some generic functions are with provided by SDK, and repetitive development is avoided. It saves time and opportunity cost, and puts our finite energy into the product.
【Websites in Chinese】
坚果(Cloud Service)
【Websites in English】
3. During Test:
beta app distribution service:   【Websites in Chinese】  【Websites in English】
Real Phones for test:   
4. Other resources:
4.1 Algorithms:
PullWord: Free Chinese word pulling based on Deep Learning
4.2 Open source community:
This is my personal collection of resources and they may not cover everything. If you have supplements, you are very welcome to provide it in the comments.

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Some Resouces for Startups That You Should Know (Technique Aspect)